hourglassAt midnight eastern time on Monday, major league clubs had to set their post-season rosters, just prior to expanding the limit from 25 to 40. Last-minute deals were made by the Dodgers and Giants who are battling it out atop the NL west, as well as the Royals.

The Giants acquired Alejandro De Aza from the Red Sox and the Dodgers brought in Justin  Ruggiano from the Mariners. Kansas City acquired Jonny Gomes from the Braves.


The roster expansion is an annual point of contention as it has the potential to impact playoff races. Teams out of the running may have a lineup that is less-than-potent which would help the team they are facing if they’re in contention. Meanwhile the contending team’s rival could be in tough against another contending team.

Maybe as important as that, however, is the impact on pitching. It is possible to make a ton of left-right-left changes that wouldn’t be available the rest of the year, while at the same time, these changes could blow up if unproven talent is thrown out there.

It a nuance of the season that probably isn’t going away. But here we are.