agree3MLB and the Players Association announced today that they have agreed to a policy on domestic violence that puts baseball at the forefront of this troubling issue. As has been the case with more than 20 years of labor negotiations, MLB has gotten out in front of a potentially troubling issue, working in the background before making an announcement.

The NFL has been mired in tons of bad press due to domestic violence, but that’s hardly the only place where it is a problem. In stark contrast to the NFL’s handling of these ugly incidents, MLB has a policy that the players’ union is on board with.

The link above points to an article that lines out four areas of the plan. Treatment and Intervention, Investigations,  Discipline and Training, Education and Resources.

Major League Baseball has taken its lumps for looking the other way during the escalation of PEDs but it has recently made a series of very important moves that have strengthened the game on many levels. The list includes the extended labor harmony, compensation to retirees, breaking out from nostalgia and implementing replay as well as making over the playoff format to include most of the league in important games down the stretch.

That an agreement was reached is fantastic. That it happened while other major sports leagues are struggling with this issue speaks well of MLB and the player’s union. But that an announcement was made without any back-and-forth in the press between the league and it’s players demonstrates how strong the leadership of both parties is and has been. This sport has learned from the ugliness of the labor stoppages in the past and the knowledge and awareness gained has spilled over far beyond just the CBA negotiations. They’re doing things right and should be applauded for that.