Bud Selig retired from his position as MLB commissioner at 12:01AM ET Sunday and Rob Manfred took the reins, becoming the 10th commissioner in the game’s history. Selig was in office for 23 years and now yields the position to one of his closest confidantes.

Manfred’s rise from outside counsel for MLB to his new post can be read on’s page HERE. He’s been at Selig’s side for the myriad changes that the game has seen during the outgoing commissioner’s tenure. Revenue sharing, realignment and¬†expanded playoffs are among the successes. The PED problems and bad stadium issues in Oakland and Tampa Bay are among the challenges that are not yet resolved.

Manfred has also been an integral part of the working environment that has seen a brilliant run of labor peace, something that was thought to be impossible following a series of toxic strikes and lockouts during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

One thing that is important to remember: the commissioner works for the owners. He is often seen simply as the sport’s czar, in baseball and other sports as well. But he answers to the owners. That is a key point to understand when complicated issues are confronted. A lot of fans don’t get that part.