Tonight at midnight ET, the deadline will pass for clubs to offer contracts to their arbitration eligible players. The arbitration years are when players begin to become expensive and for a club to non-tender a player would make that player a free agent.

The gamble by the club is that the player isn’t a future star and the club can stand to lose that player by non-tendering him. The player could also re-sign with the club for a salary less than what would have been made in arbitration. This very thing happened with RHP Daniel Hudson and the Diamondbacks last year.

Tendering a contract means that the club and player can negotiate the terms later, as well. Some players will get into the arbitration process with today’s decision, but 2015 contracts for these players can also be agreed upon, avoiding the arbitration process. has a Non-Tender page where you can follow along with all of the developments for various clubs and players as they play out today and tonight.