Only three arbitration cases were heard this year and the players came out on the short end on two of them. Of course, each player got a raise, despite the arbitration panel’s decision, but the ones who “lost” had to accept the offer of the club, not the salary that the player requested.

  • Andrew Cashner of the┬áPadres asked for $2.4MM and got it. The┬áPadres offered $2.275MM
  • Vinnie Pestano of the Indians asked for $1.45MM but had to settle for the team’s offer of $975,000.
  • Josh Tomlin also had to accept the Indians’ offer, which was $800,000. Tomlin asked for $975,000.

None of these cases are earthshaking. All of these arb-eligible players are early in their careers and, as you can see by the numbers, they’re not breaking anybody’s bank. A big season by any of them will change the odds in their favor next year at this time.