As MLB clubs were breaking camps this week, several high-profile deals were struck. The Giants, Tigers, Blue Jays and Cardinals got their negotiating done before the start of the season and in some cases, the terms were staggering. A lot of years and very generous amounts of money were handed out this week, so here is a brief recap of the more important signings:

BUSTER POSEY – 8 years and $158M to stay with the Giants through 2021 with a $22M option for 2022.

JUSTIN VERLANDER – 5 years and $140M running through 2019 with vesting options for 2020 that would cost the Tigers $22M.

J.A. HAPP – The Jays signed Happ to an extension of 2 years and $9.1M through 2014 with a $6.7M option for 2015 and a $200,000 buyout.

ADAM WAINWRIGHT – 5 years and $97.5M to stay with the Cardinals through 2018.

PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT – 5 years and $32M for the Diamondbacks’ first baseman. The club has an option of $14.5M for 2018.

In addition to these deals, the defending World Series champions locked up two of their key leadership figures in GM Brian Sabean and manager Bruce Bochy. Both have served in their current roles while the Giants were winning two of the last three titles and the club rewarded them accordingly. Sabean and Bochy had options extended in December to cover 2014 but their new deals keep them in house for the next four years.

While Felix Hernandez set the bar a little higher for ace pitchers in February with his 5-year/$135.5M extension, Verlander’s deal is even bigger. And there is a pair of lefties out there that look to break the bank even bigger. Clayton Kershaw is in talks with the Dodgers while David Price also has the record to demand top dollar. Both are Cy Young winners. Price pitches for an organization that doesn’t hand out mega contracts and Kershaw works for one that does. Either way, both will get paid and there is plenty of TV money floating around to make it happen in both cases.