Still no arbitration cases heard this year, as agreements have been reached on nearly a daily basis. But two significant pitchers are still out there. Clayton Richard and the Padres have yet to come to terms and likewise with Homer Bailey and the Reds.

  • RICHARD – Seeks: $5.55M/Offered: $4.905M
  • BAILEY – Seeks: $5.8M/Offered: $47.5M

Both had good years to make arbitration cases. Bailey posted his first 200+ IP season with a career-best WHIP of 1.240 as well as tossing a no-hitter.

Richard posted careerĀ bests in IP (218), and WHIP (1.235) while tying his career-high with 14 wins. His BB/9 plummetted to an impressive 1.7.

Hearings were scheduled to be held, as needed, through February 20. Something should happen soon for both of these workhorse pitchers and their clubs.