The arbitration process gets underway today in Phoenix, AZ for those remaining cases that haven’t come to an agreement for 2013. There are 15 cases to be heard, unless the sides agree sooner:

Mike Aviles/Indians – $3.4M/$2.4M
Homer Bailey/Reds – $5.8M/$4.75M
Jason Hammel/Orioles – $8.25M/$5.7M
Shin-Soo Choo/Reds – $8M/$6.75M
Jim Johnson/Orioles – $7.1M/$5.7M
Dexter Fowler/Rockies – $5.15M/$4.25M
David Freese/Cardinals – $3.75M/$2.4M
Mat Latos/Reds – $4.7M/$4.15M
Darren O’Day/Orioles – $3.2M/$1.8M
Mike Leake/Reds – $3.5M/$2.65M
Clayton Richard/Padres – $5.55M/$4.905M
Max Scherzer/Tigers – $7.4M/$6.05M
Sergio Romo/Giants – $4.5M/$2.675M
Gerardo Parra/Diamondbacks – $2.7M/$2.1M
Jordan Zimmerman/Nationals – $5.8M/$4.6M

Hearings will be scheduled but the two sides can continue to negotiate and thus avoid arbitration. Results of any agreements or hearings will be posted here.