After the usual speculation that comes when the bidding deadline for a posted player passes, it has been revealed that the Los Angeles Dodgers had the highest bid for Korean LHP Hyun-Jin Ryu at $25.7 million. The Dodgers now have a 30-day exclusive window for negotiating with the Scott Boras client and if the two sides can’t come to terms, Ryu stays put and can’t be posted again for another year.

The Dodgers were long at the forefront of signing international players but they fell back under the ownership of Frank McCourt with little money budgeted for that arena. With the new Dodger ownership, money has flowed freely and the international market is a resource that GM Ned Colletti looks to tap into with those available dollars.

Ryu is one of the most accomplished pitchers in Korea, if not the most, with seven years of solid numbers on his ledger. He was a force on the gold-medal winning team for Korea in the 2008 Olympics and also pitched for the 2009 national team that lost in the finals of the World Baseball Classic.

The new Dodger ownership has been active from the moment they took over this past season and turned heads with their acquisitions of big names (and big contracts) like Hanley Ramirez, Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez, as well as the likes of Joe Blanton, Shane Victorino and Brandon League. They also signed Cuban OF Yasiel Puig in June to a 7YR/$42M contract. $25.7M for the rights to negotiate with Ryu and Boras isn’t much of a setback for this outfit. Time will tell if the money is being spent wisely. But Colletti is negotiating and the new owners are backing him up with the capital.

All this already from the Dodgers, and the Winter Meetings are still a few weeks away. story by Ken Gurnick
Yahoo! Sports story by Tim Brown