Game One of the World Series goes tonight at 8:00PM ET in San Francisco as the Giants host the Tigers at AT & T Park. Jim Leyland had already revealed his rotation as he had plenty of time to get it ready with extended time off after winning the ALCS last Thursday, and there were no surprises. Bruce Bochy announced his pitching assignments yesterday amidst some speculation, and the verdict is in: Bumgarner is in, Lincecum is back in the bullpen.

Here are the scheduled starters for the first four games:

  • GAME ONE – Verlander vs. Zito
  • GAME TWO – Fister vs. Bumgarner
  • GAME THREE – Vogelsong vs. Sanchez
  • GAME FOUR – Cain vs. Scherzer

All four of the Tigers starters are pitching well, but traditionally, these pairings would match the strength of the Giants’ rotation against the 3rd and 4th starters for Detroit. Every button Bochy has pushed this postseason has seemed to work. If Zito comes up big again, they’re still up against it offensively against Verlander. But, being down in a short series doesn’t seem to bother the Giants anyway. Nevertheless, logic would say that the Tigers need to get a win behind their best pitcher to get a leg up in the Series. Can Detroits bats find their timing against Zito after all this time off?