We’re down to the last week for clubs to sign their 2012 First-Year Player Draft picks as the deadline is next Friday, July 13th at 5PM ET. This year’s draft was the first one to take place under the new collective bargaining agreement with a shorter signing period, allotted pool money and penalties for overspending all in play. It has been a different experience in 2012 and, of course, that was the intention.

So with a week left, here are the reamaining unsigned draftees from the first round (all supplemental round picks are signed):


  • 4 – Kevin Gausman, RHP, Orioles
  • 6 – Albert Almora, OF, Cubs
  • 8 – Mark Appel, RHP, Pirates
  • 9 – Andrew Heaney, LHP, Marlins
  • 16 – Lucas Giolito, RHP, Nationals
  • 25 – Richie Schaffer, 1B/3B, Rays
  • 30 – Ty Hensley, RHP, Yankees