The world finally got to see Yu Darvish in a regular season MLB game on Monday night and it was a far cry from his dominance in Japan. But the the high-powered Texas lineup had his back as they climbed out of a four-run hole after a half-inning to post an 11-5 win over Seattle.

Darvish wasn’t very impressive, but he got the W. A line of 5 2/3 IP, 8 hits, four BB’s, 110 pitches with 51 balls and 59 strikes….it all adds up to a 1-0 record for Darvish.

To his credit, Darvish put up zeroes after allowing four runs in the first and another in the second, all earned. He came out with two outs in the sixth enjoying an 8-5 lead that stood up as Nelson Cruz, Josh Hamilton, Mitch Moreland and Ian Kinsler all hit homeruns.

Darvish struck out five while topping out at 95.8 MPH. His control was poor in the first inning, beginning with a four-pitch walk to leadoff man Chone Figgins. Later, even though he was getting outs, the Mariners were still making very good contact.

Not what the Rangers were looking for when they ponied up the money to win the bidding for Darvish. But as Joey Matschulat correctly points out on Baseball Time In Arlington, Darvish is now on pace to win every start for the rest of his career.