Sometimes $52.7 million just isn’t enough. The Texas Rangers won exclusive negotiating rights with standout Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish with a record-setting bid, but with less than 48 hours to go there still is no deal.

The $52.7 million bought 30 days of exclusivity and after that, if no deal is struck, Darvish goes back to his Japanese team and the Rangers get their bid money back. But that’s not what anybody wants in this case. Darvish wants to play in MLB, thus his request to be posted. The Rangers want the big right-hander to fill in another big hole in the rotation, thus the whopping bid.

And fans want to see if Darvish is going to bring his spectacular success to America, unlike many otherĀ  Japanese stars. Texas has put up “Daisuke money” to negotiate and they are hoping for better on-field results than the last high-profile Japanese pitcher to go through the process.

Look for a deal to get done before time runs out. It is hard to imagine that this won’t happen. Darvish seems to be motivated to play in the major leagues as well as leave his Japanese team. The contract is going to be big, and the length is a sticking point. But the Rangers lost their staff ace for the second offseason in a row and they have come all this way. It would be shocking to see Darvish head back home.


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