We are well into arbitration season, with many teams/players avoiding the process by agreeing to deals. Others are still going through the process with a salary for next year in the balance. Here are the timeframes for the important arbitration dates for 2012.

  • Janaury 5-13 – Salary arbitration filing
  • January 17, 11AM CT – Deadline for players and clubs to exchange salary abritration figures
  • February 1-21 – Salary arbitration hearings, St. Petersburg, FL

142 players filed for salary arbitration this year, including 14 Super-Two’s. A lot can happen between now and when any of the arbitration hearings end up being scheduled. Already a number of agreements have been reached, reducing the field significantly. Last year there were just three hearings with two players winning (P Ross Ohlendorf of the Pirates, OF Hunter Pence, then of the Astros) and one club having its bid chosen (the Angels in the Jered Weaver case).


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