Not much came from the Los Angeles Angels’ camp during the Winter Meetings for three days while the Florida Marlins were grabbing all the headlines. Thursday morning Arte Moreno and the Angels stamped this year’s meetings as theirs, signing Albert Pujols (10 yrs/$254M)  and C.J. Wilson (5 yrs/$77.5M).

The best hitter in baseball and a young, left-handed stud. And the southpaw came from a division rival that just won back-to-back AL pennants. Today’s announcements, together, add up to a gamechanger.

You can debate the value of the back end of Pujols’ contract as he approaches and passes his age-40 year. But Moreno, Jerry DiPoto and Co. aren’t making a push for the 2020 playoffs. This is about the next five years, starting with 2012. This is about getting past the Vernon Wells acquisition and not waiting for Kendrys Morales to come back from his HR celebration injury.

This is about putting an end to staying home and watching the Rangers represent the AL in the World Series.


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