It used to be that there was a code of etiquette regarding the World Series that dictated that no major announcements would be made that could take away any attention from theĀ Fall Classic. That protocol has slowly eroded and during Tuesday’s travel day, the sports world will have its eyes directed toward two famously underachieving franchises who have been on the outside looking in the last several years.

The Cubs will announce the hiring of Theo Epstein as president of baseball operations while Epstein’s former team, the Red sox, will name Ben Cherington as executive vice-president/general manager shortly afterward.

All this according to reports here, and here.

The details haven’t been completely worked out for Epstein to move from Boston to Chicago but talks are reportedly going to resume after Tuesday’s official announcements. At issue is the compensation that the Cubs will send to the Red Sox. This morning it was announced that MLB Commisioner Bud Selig will get involved if things can’t be ironed out by Nov 1.