There has been speculation that Theo Epstein would join the Red Sox since August. Now that speculation has yielded in favor of unnamed sources that say a deal is imminent. With everything as cryptic as it is, this is a hard story to report on, but it is so prominent on the internet now that I can’t ignore it.

Epstein’s title with the Red Sox is Executive VP/GM and he is under contract through 2012. Jim Hendry was ousted as Cubs GM in August and the rumor mill got going quickly that Epstein would be the replacement. For that to happen, there would have to be compensation involved for the Red Sox.

Now there is a story up on ESPN.com by Buster Olney that says the deal could be done in a day or two. The story is filled with a string of vague source references such as “…according to two sources”; “…a source with knowledge of the negotiations”; “…a source with knowledge of the talks”; and “…sources indicated last week…”

There’s so much going on here that I would have to believe the other shoe is going to drop eventually. Theo’s a big name with a big track record and the Cubs are always newsworthy. Nothing solid yet, but when people are finally in a position to go on the record we’ll get all the details we want and more. Stay tuned.