The Detroit Tigers lost another outfielder as Magglio Ordonez is out with a broken right ankle. By being taken off the roster due to injury in the middle of the ALCS, Ordonez is now ineligible to play in the World Series, should the Tigers make it, but the injury makes it unlikely he would be able to play anyway.

A corresponding roster move has not been announced and MLB.com’s Barry M. Bloom says that the Tigers’ choices are very limited. OF Delmon Young is out for the ALDS with an oblique injury, but could return for the World Series.

Ordonez fractured the same ankle in 2010 and apparently twisted it before Game One on Saturday. With the bases loaded during the second rain delay, Ordonez had to come out for a pinch-runner due to the pain intensifying. It was initially reported as an ankle injury but later it was disclosed that the ankle was broken.