Ozzie Guillen managed his final game with the White Sox tonight and is likely headed to the Florida Marlins, reports Joe Cowly of the Chicago Sun-Times. The long-rumored trade of the manager to south Florida is apparently close to becoming reality, as the Fish will offer compensation, though not anyone of Logan Morrison’s stature.

Guillen was very succesful in the dugout of one of the venerable franchises in baseball. His 678-617 record included a World Series title in 2005 that followed in the footsteps of the Red Sox in ending decades-long championship droughts. After 88 years, the brash Guillen delivered in only his second year at the post.

Ozzie guided the club back to the playoffs in 2008 where they lost to World Series-bound Tampa Bay. That made Guillen the only manager in francshise history to lead the club into the post-season twice.

Tonight it is apparent that he is off to Miami, wherever that journey may lead him. The outspoken Guillen does not appear to be a good fit with owner Jeffrey Loria, who blew Joe Girardi out after a year in which Girardi was named Manager of the Year. But who knows? Maybe the chemistry is different here.

So, tonight, the White Sox sent Ozzie out a winner. Love him or not, question his behavior, understand his act or don’t, that’s what he was on the south side. The trophy his club won validates that, as well as the winning record. Let’s see how it goes in South Beach.