The messy situation surrounding Florida Marlins’ OF Logan Morrison is the subject of a grievance, reports Amy K. Nelson of ESPN. The flamboyant Morrison was demoted to AAA on August 13th, while Marlins’ union rep Wes Helms was released at the same time and it taxes the imagination to see it as a “baseball decision.”

That’s what Marlins’ owner Jeffrey Loria called it, according to Nelson’s story. But this is the same Jeffrey Loria who butted heads with his own manager, Joe Girardi, in 2006 (Steinbrenner-Martin style). Loria fired Girardi after the season while Girardi collected the NL Manager of the Year award.

Girardi went on to get the manager gig with the Yankees and has had some success over there.

You can get all of the details of Morrison’s profile and the events that immediately preceeded the deomotion in Nelson’s article linked above. It is hard to say what will come of the grievance, other than Morrison recouping the difference in pay while he was down on the farm.

But this is another mess for the Marlins, soon to be the Miami Marlins with a new stadium. LoMo’s a young star on the rise and, as his Twitter following shows, he’s a star of at least some proportion. Bloggers like myself think that’s a most important arena to be breaking out in, going forward.

Let’s  hope the Marlins can get it right as they move into their new digs. In the meantime, if you’re not already a follower….@LoMoMarlins. (A handle that may change soon, no?)