The San Francisco Giants, all but out of the post-season race this season, have announced that managing general partner and CEO Bill Neukom will not return for 2012. is reporting that his tenure will end with the 2011 calendar year.

Neukom has been with the Giants as a member of their ownership consortium since 1995 and assumed the role of CEO after the 2008 season. It’s been quite an eventful three years in the seat for Neukom, easily recognized for his trademark bow tie. Last year saw the Giants come from out of nowhere to win the World Series and this year’s victory lap garnered the requisite fanfare and media attention. Yet the team fell apart throughout the course of the season due to injuries and sub-par performances.

No small matter, some of the recent additions that paid great dividends last year, haven’t duplicated those feats this season.

But Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News hints at a different level of disfunction than what is taking place on the field. With the Giants aiming to ride its young staff of standout pitchers into an extended run of excellence, it would appear that not everyone in the board room is on board with what’s going on in the room.

It’s hard to imagine that the euphoria following last season’s championship, the first in the club’s San Francisco history, could be followed up by a year with so much ill fate, but here we are. From the Opening Day tragedy of the Brian Stow beating in Los Angeles to Buster Posey’s season-ending injury, the season began with some major negative vibes, despite the won-loss record.

Now, as the year winds down, the club is a good distance behind the first-place Diamondbacks, almost as far back in the wildcard race, Brian Wilson is on the shelf, the Dodgers are playing well, Aaron Rowand and Miguel Tejada were finally DFA’d.

And they just blew out the CEO.

Kruk and Kuip would say “that’s a big league hang-with-em!”