Mike Flanagan, the stalwart Cy Young Award winning pitcher of the Baltimore Orioles was found dead on his Marlyand property Wednesday and the cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the face. Flanagan, a baseball lifer who went on to serveĀ the club as a pitching coach, an executive and broadcaster, was apparently in the throes of depression when he ended his own life.

Flanagan was an Oriole pitcher when the club was regularly at the top of the AL East, continuing a tradition of success that dated back to the 1960’s. The club fell on hard times as the Yankees and Red Sox climbed back into power and Flanagan served as co-GM from 2004-2008 while trying to help restore the club’s glory.

The article linked above mentions many frustrations in Mike Flanagan’s life as it related to his role with the Orioles. The team has been run poorly for most of the last two decades and has a horrible won-loss record to show for it. It would be such a terrible shame if this lack of success was what drove Flanagan to suicide. The article also mentions poor treatment from Baltimore’s owner Peter Angelos. That would be shameful as well, if it turns out that it led to this tragedy.

Here’s wishing all the best to Mike FlanaganĀ and his family and friends.