The month of August has several sets of circumstances that make it a unique time period on the player movement calendar. With the non-waiver trade deadline passing at 4PM ET on July 31, the trading season gets a little more difficult for clubs.

Players Traded Must Clear Waivers

After the deadline, players can only be traded after they have cleared waivers. Players do get moved in August, more often than you may suspect given the wild frenzy that takes place at the end of July. And in 2010, the Giants picked up a major piece of their championship puzzle on August 22nd.

Cody Ross was put on waivers by the Florida Marlins and the Giants made a claim. Had he made it through waivers, the Fish could have traded him to any club. Since the Giants made a claim, Florida then had three choices: take him back, work out a trade with the Giants or just let the Giants pay a $20,000 waiver fee and take over Ross’ contract. They did the latter.

August 15 Deadline To Sign Draft Picks

August 15th is an important date as it marks the deadline for clubs to sign their picks from the the June first-year player draft. This deadline doesn’t apply to college seniors or players drafted out of independent leagues.

Teams have 15 days from the draft to offer their picks a minor league contract and the club holds exclusive negotiating rights till the August 15th deadline. Failure to sign a pick results in a team getting a compensatory supplemental round pick in the following year’s draft.

Eligibility For Post-Season Roster

To be eligible for a spot on a team’s post-season roster, a player must be on the 25-man roster prior to the August 31 deadline. Players acquired after August 31st are ineligible unless they replace an injured player.